April 5, 2020 – National First Contact Day | National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Transcript for April 5th

Welcome to April 5th, 2020, on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate a quantum leap forward and a mile high pie. More after the break from our founder, Marlo Anderson.

Forty two years from now, a scientist will create the first warp drive engine and humanity will blast off into space and meet aliens for the very first time. Thanks to Zephram Cochran’s invention, we become friends with Vulcans and the far ends of the galaxy are finally within reach. If you’re not following along, you probably haven’t seen Star Trek: First Contact. The significance of this event to Star Trek lore is immeasurable. Without the warp drive, Kirk would’ve never left Riverside, Iowa and Picard would still be working in his family vineyards. Celebrate National First Contact Day just like Mr. Cochran—with some cheese pierogis and some classic rock. Live long and prosper!

Pizza was traditionally thin and crispy, then someone in Chicago thought “This is good, but it needs more cheese.” With that, they piled on the good stuff, baked it in a pan and the deep-dish pizza was born. Because this regional favorite is more like an actual pie than a pizza, it allows for more toppings and sauce than its New York cousin. While some purists scoff at this Chicago creation and say it’s not really pizza, you don’t need to choose sides to celebrate.  On National Deep Dish Pizza Day enjoy your own cheesy, gooey slice of heaven.

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