April 6th – National Caramel Popcorn Day | National Teflon Day

Welcome to April 6th, 2020, on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate ideas that really stick! Let’s join Anna Devere after the break.

If you thought popcorn day was good, things just got better.  On National Caramel Popcorn Day we celebrate Marlo’s favorite day combined with the sweet buttery crunch of caramel. And little known fact: Popcorn Day was the original spark for Marlo’s question: What’s with all these National Days?  Sitting in a coffee shop he wondered where our celebration of National Days came from and why there was no “wiki site” for all the origin stories. And like a caramel kernel stuck in your tooth, Marlo couldn’t shake the thought that something had to be done about it.  Today, National Day Calendar has millions of followers, a host of copycat sites, but only one founder who loves caramel popcorn.

And speaking of “Happy Accidents,” did you know that Teflon was one of those too?  Dr. Roy Plunkett was working in the lab with his assistant when they discovered polytetrafluoroethylene on this day in 1938.  Plunkett was later added to the “Inventors’ Hall of Fame” but it was Marion Trozzolo that put Teflon to work in the kitchen with his “Happy Pan.” Today this friction-reducing wonder is found in surprising places such as coating for fabric, in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries and even presidents. On National Teflon Day enjoy giving the “brush off” to anything sticky.

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