Our Network Makes a Difference

Though we come from different backgrounds, we're all community minded. We value respect, innovation and the power of imagination. Together we are game changers!

Marlo Anderson
Marlo is a serial entrepreneur and futurist.  As the founder of National Day Calendar, he gets to hang out with astronauts and other cool kids.  As the Guru of Geek he gets to ride in flying cars and try the latest in technology.  Marlo builds a sense of community everywhere he goes.

Anna Devere

Anna is passionate about storytelling.  She is a singer, songwriter and podcaster.  Her super power is humor, which she uses liberally and often.  

Patrick McCloskey

Patrick is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism.  He has written several articles and books and has served as Editor in Chief of 360 Review Magazine for the University of Mary.  Patrick is a well travelled Canadian who is equally book smart and street smart.

Dave Blair

Dave is a skilled connector with a passion for serving people.  His extensive background in sales and marketing is fueled by a desire to make a positive difference.  As a man of faith, Dave sees only possibilities, where others see obstacles.  

Ashley Harris
Ashley is a Marketing Specialist who has worked with Townsquare Media and currently lends her talent to the Q1 Network.  Of all the mad skills in her tool box, being a Pollyanna is Ashley’s secret weapon!