Feb 7 – National Wear Red Day – National Bubble Gum Day

Transcript for February 7th

Welcome to February 7th on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate great causes by wearing red and bending the rules.  More after the break from our founder, Marlo Anderson.

Chest pain, numbness in your arm; classic signs of a heart attack.  Unless you are a woman. National Wear Red Day recognizes that heart disease and stroke kill one in three women and reminds us that these diseases are 80 percent preventable.  Celebrate the women in your life by wearing red today and visiting the official website goredforwomen.org to find out how to save the lives of those you love.

If your school days marked you as a Rebel without a cause, give your kids permission to bend the rules today by chewing gum in class.  National Bubble Gum Day helps raise money for schools and the charities they support, as participating classrooms let kids pay for the privilege of breaking this long standing no-no.  It was Walter Diemer, who in 1928 created “Dubble Bubble,” the first bubble producing gum that was to become a nuisance to teachers everywhere. Today it’s all fun and games as you chew, snap, blow and pop bubbles for a good cause. 

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