March 11, 2020 – National Johnny Appleseed Day | National Promposal Day

National Johnny Appleseed Day | National Promposal Day

Transcript for March 11th

Welcome to March 11th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate the simple magic that bridges time and awkward moments.  More after the break from our founder, Marlo Anderson.

Sometimes a hero or legend remains in name only.  But for anyone who’s ever eaten an apple odds are that the seed’s history links back to from the Johnny Appleseed himself.  In the years following the American Revolution, John Chapman was seen walking many miles from his Massachusetts home, planting apple seeds and tending orchards in states as far away as Iowa and Illinois.  Though it’s not actually known if he wore a pot on his head as he traveled, his living legend of kindness can be sampled from a tree that stands to this day in Ashland County, Ohio. On National Johnny Appleseed Day, take a bite of American folklore and celebrate the ripples we all continue to make.

If you remember the magical moment of arriving at your high school prom, dressed in your finest attire, like you’re stepping into a John Hughes movie, chances are you’ve buried the awkward and painful steps that got you through the door.  Have a heart for your teen who is working up the nerve to take the bumbling leap of asking out their date. Sure there are plenty of Pinterest-worthy schemes to make the moment special, but on National Promposal Day give them some extra encouragement to chase away the inevitable sweaty palms.   

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