March 14, 2020 – National Pi Day | National Learn About Butterflies Day

Transcript for March 14th

Welcome to March 14th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate science and what it teaches us about ourselves.  Let’s join Anna Devere after the break.

What is it about butterflies that’s so fascinating?  Their story of metamorphosis is one of the first things we teach our children, and no matter how much you think you know about this process, the fact is their colors defy description, their 3000 mile journeys are mystifying and their 20,000 varieties are almost incomprehensible.  On National Learn About Butterflies Day let your imagination take flight. This scrap of color that skirts both flower and sky has more to teach us than you think. 

Can pie save the world? With more than 13 National Days devoted to this dessert, it’s almost as if someone is trying to tell us something.  And not to confuse you even more, but today is also National Pi (or P.I.) Day along with the birthday of Albert Einstein. Science Museums everywhere geek out by serving birthday pie and pizza pie and buzzing about their love of circles and math.  And in a world divided by so many things, it’s nice to imagine that the humble pie can bring us together, no matter who we share it with or how we dissect it. On National Pi Day consider the distance across the circle and remember that line that appears to divide us is not as important as the circumference which contains us all.  

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