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Transcript for March 18th

Welcome to March 18th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate the less than perfect moments of life and lunch.  More after the break from our founder, Marlo Anderson.

You and your coworker are heading out to get something to eat, and you try to be polite by opening the door. You pull on the handle, even though the sign clearly says PUSH. At lunch, the waiter serves your meals, and before walking away, says “Enjoy your meal.” And you reply… “Thanks. You too.” AWK-WARD. Life is full of these cringe-worthy moments, so you might as well learn to laugh at yourself, because no one’s perfect. Celebrate your gaffes today on National Awkward Moments Day because there are plenty more silly mistakes to be made. And you are definitely going to make them.

Once upon a time, in Lunch Lady Land, a magical food was invented called the Sloppy Joe. Okay, we’re just making that up. This tasty combination of chopped meat and ketchup-based sauce served on a hamburger bun actually got its start at a greasy spoon in Sioux City, Iowa, where they were served up by a cook named Joe. “Sloppy Joe” is an odd name, but consider that Joe’s restaurant had been calling it a “loose meat sandwich” and suddenly “Sloppy” doesn’t sound so bad. On National Sloppy Joe Day, celebrate hanging loose with your favorite recipe for “yum on a bun.”

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