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Transcript for March 28th

Welcome to March 28th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate all things that are worth shaking a stick at.  Let’s join Anna Devere with more after the break.

If you’ve ever been to the Minnesota State Fair then you know that practically everything goes on a stick; from corn to fried oreos, and even church flyers.  It’s kind of a Midwest thing. But what’s not to like with this “food on the go” invention that even gorillas know how to use? For as long as folks have been roasting meat over fire the shishkabob method has just made sense.  On National Something on A Stick Day stoke your inner caveman with some beyond Paleo creativity. 

After months of frigid temperatures and seemingly endless snow storms, Spring has finally prevailed. Unfortunately, the new foe to our lawns and gardens is the relentless weed!  But like everything else, weeds have a purpose, and some are actually medicinal. Take…dandelion for example, which can be eaten in salad or mulled into tea or wine. Or… burdock, a highly medicinal herb.  It’s best to learn about weeds you can and cannot eat, but on National Weed Appreciation Day, we bet you have your own inspiration.

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