March 13, 2020 – National Good Samaritan Day | National Blame Someone Else Day

National Good Samaritan Day | National Blame Someone Else Day

Transcript for March 13th

Welcome to March 13th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate those who make their luck for better or worse.  Let’s join Anna Devere after the break.

If you are a “go the extra mile” person, then National Good Samaritan Day is your day to shine.  Chances are, that spring in your step comes from knowing the value of doing a good deed for someone in need. And perhaps you enjoy the look of awe on the faces of those whose hard luck streak was totally disrupted by your selfless act of kindness. On National Good Samaritan Day go a step further and do your service in secret.  You may just convert someone to the invisible power of good in the Universe.

And if you’re not inclined to believe in fairies and fates, you can pin the bad luck of this Friday the 13th on Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan.   When her alarm clock failed to go off, Anne blamed the resulting lateness and the cascade of misadventures on the curse of this day back in 1982 and folks ever since have celebrated “scapegoatism” on National Blame Someone Else Day.  Sure it’s just plain wrong to believe in the pay it forward spirit of a “bad” attitude, but if you’re a “glass half empty person” this day was made for you. On National Blame Someone Else Day tread lightly with this “hall pass” for we all know that the boomerang effect is all too real.

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