March 15, 2020 – National Shoe the World Day | National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day | National Show The World Day

Transcript for March 15th

Welcome to March 15th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate Being Wrong and Doing Something Right.  More after the break from our founder, Marlo Anderson.

Confucius said: “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.” Take a look around. What makes clouds form the way they do? Who invented stoplights? How can we communicate with a satellite over 30 thousand miles away from Earth? On Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, take time to acknowledge that there’s more in this world that we don’t know than things we do.  Celebrate by asking questions and learning something new. You can go back to being everyone’s favorite “know it all” tomorrow. 

Who doesn’t love the feel of a new pair of shoes?  They can be practical or show-stopping, from the comfy best friend of your grateful “dogs” to the ultimate fashion expression.  But for the more than 500 million who have no shoes at all, National Shoe the World Day is an opportunity to receive something that most of us take for granted.  Celebrate the spirit of giving with organizations such as Toms and Souls for Souls, who elevate the love of shoes to a whole new level.

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